Text The Romance Back – Unlock an explosive relationship with a few SMS text messages

Text The Romance Back – By Sending Text Messages!

Product Review:

Unlock explosive passion in your relationship with just a few text messages. Through powerful imagery and language, you’ll send shivers down your significant other’s spine and reignite your love life in ways you haven’t imagined since you were a teenager. More than just telling you how to text your lover, Text the Romance Back will teach you why these texts work, and what language “cues” unlock our subconscious passion centers.


  • Attract your partner’s attention – no matter where they are – using “Curiosity Magnet” texts.
  • “Appreciation Texts” that will send shivers down your partner’s spine…
  • Multiply passion in your relationship using “Sensual Compliments” that will get them feeling warm and romantic on even the iciest days.
  • The “Text Massage”: so powerful they’ll swear they feel your hands on them, even if you’re miles away.
  • And much more. See the table of contents below for a complete chapter list.
  • Bonus: You’ll also get Facebook Romance Secrets – using social media to spice up your relationship.


  • Success stories from men and women who used Text The Romance Back to transform their love lives.
  • MORE “Done-For-You” Texts to draw the man or woman of your dreams to you like a tractor beam.
  • “Bait Questions” that are impossible not to respond to.
  • The “Text The Romance Back Crib Sheet” collecting all the texts from the program in one place.
  • PLUS all-new material on “Text Dating” And “Text Flirting” so single readers can use this red-hot material on that intriguing man or amazing woman you just met.

As always, your order today is protected by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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